About us

The Roots Global Ltd. was established in 2012 in the aim of locating lost assets and returning them to their heirs. In the past decade the Company has successfully returned assets to dozens of families in Israel and around the world

Over the years the Company gained extensive expertise in numerous areas, including: various land-related fields, managing legal procedures, contending with land registration agencies, the Inheritance Registrar, tax authorities, municipalities and the Companies Registrar, managing the receipt of expropriation compensation, handling land owned in partnership and drawing up partnership agreements. The Company has experience resolving family problems resulting from numerous heirs, disconnection over time, legal complexities and difficulty proving a legal vested interest. It also has experience in cases with dozens of heirs from different family branches. The various heirs are neither dependent nor obligated to one another and the Company works with each specific heir and handles his/her part separately

The Company works with a range of experts, among them genealogists, lawyers, appraisers and specialists in additional fields, and can provide a professional solution on a range of issues 

Locating Lost Property

The Company acts to trace lost assets and find their heirs. The assets may be a lost bank account, the contents of a safe, built/unbuilt land in Israel and abroad, valuables, etc

The Roots Global Ltd. has extensive knowledge in numerous land-related fields, as well as significant knowledge in mapping and aerial photography and in legal proceedings regarding land estates and inheritance 

Most of the located land was purchased dozens of years ago and was of low value at the time. Therefore, many land owners did not attach much importance to the land did not inform their family of the purchase 

The Roots Global Ltd. has expertise in tracing land neglected for dozens of years by its owners, most if not all of them deceased, and which their heirs never transferred on their name or are entirely unaware of their vested interest in the property

After locating a lost asset the Company then begins the process of finding the actual heirs 


What is the Process 

After the Company conducts a meticulous investigation involving extensive legwork, and after finding those entitled to the asset, the Company or someone on its behalf contacts the entitled individuals and informs them that it has reason to believe that there is an asset to which they are entitled

As many years have past from the purchase of the asset until the entitled individuals are located, there is no 100% guarantee that they are indeed the entitled individuals. However, the Company conducts all the investigations and provides all the documents and verification to prove entitlement at a 90% probability level

This is why the Company does not require payment until the heir’s entitlement has been proven. To the contrary, the Company pays all expenses entailed in locating the asset, among them to genealogists and lawyers, for travel to various archives abroad and for representation in court 

Only if and when the Company succeeds in proving that you are in fact entitled to the asset, and only when the asset is transferred on your name and you decide to keep/sell the asset, only then will the Company be entitled to a fee

This means that if the Company cannot prove your entitlement to the asset, it will not be entitled to a fee

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